27 February 2011

ohoh. time to sleep edy

sleep sleep sleep sleep. tomoro wake up early early go cycling. haha :DD i wan go cycling at the beach. wahh ! so gud la that feeling. hahaahha :DD i wan to mandi mandi laa. wo wo. so gud so gud. aiyaa, best lor, mandi ! hee :D oh yaa. i want to go sleep. i always writng blog pada pagi pagi buat macam ni ! aiyaa. not gud for health la han, dun practice it. huhu. :DD 

bla bla bla bla

i went cycling again this morning. and the pain come again. why ah ? and this time, i feels like, berdenyut . ohoh, this is not gud, so, i just went back to granny's house. take a nap and bath, siap siap pegi airport, 11 am flight. wuwu. excited nak jumpa si buah hati. lalalala .syiok ah. so, i ignore my headache. pegi naik plane, bla bla bla. sampai penang dlm koi 12.30 cm tu. hee :D so , i tex her. she din reply. aiyaa. y din reply meh ? i went back home la.. today is saturday, so my mum din go for work. i ask her, about the headache, she check my bp , she said, low bp. extremely low . 80/60. haha. well, so low laa. my mum advice to go sleep. so, i sleep laa. when i wok up, ada msg. 6 msg receive. haha, so many laa. all from amanda. hahaaa. 

first msg : bb, sori i din reply u and din pick up ur fon.
second msg : bb, wt r u doing ? y din rply me ?
third msg : bb, whr r you ? rply me la.. 
fourth msg : bb ! r u make a jok of me ? reply me laa
fifth msg : bb ! reply me !
sixth msg : nevr mind loo. u dun want to reply. ok ok, i dun mind. u see ah.

so, i reply her.

me : darl, i am sory, low bp, mum soh tdo.
her : alasan meh ?
me : no la. truth maa
her : i know you.
me : oh, me do the alasan ? you ? y u din pickup call, y din reply me ?

i punya sakit pale, dia boleh buat cm tu ! argh ! i am so excited nak jumpa , dy boleh kate cm tu. never mind lor, u will see. u come to my house, i will not meet you !nevr mind. w will se, sampai mane you bolh tahan. i tot this evening want to hang out wf her. but she edy do this, so tak jadi terus. blahh !