About Me

I came across this tag from a random page, though of doing it. :D 

Name : Liyana Hanna Juanna 
Nick Name : Han
Birthdate : 8th March
Birthplace : Ipoh, Perak
Current Location : Penang
Eye Color : idk, sumtimes black, sumtimes brown
Eye Shape : Um, single eyelids. Korean eyes ;D
Hair Color : Black
Hair Strucure & Length :
 Stunning Straight and Short and Asian Mullet
Skin Color : Not so fair and Not so dark, Malay skin lah
Height : 165 cm
Weight :54.5 kg . I am using electronic scale lol
Waist : 28 inch.
Chest : idk, flat ;)

Foods : ohoh . Laksa , and KFC
Drinks : Revive and Mountain Dew
Movie : Love Story ofcourse !
Drama : LaLola, Soda and Iced Tea, No OrdinaryFamily.
Singer : Evanescence , The Cranberries, Britney Spears. 
Actor/Actress : JLo , Lindsay Lohan ,Carla Peterson, Sandra Bullock , Julia Robert , Kim Hye Su, Sammie Cheng, Anita Mui .
Friend : No Commento
Teacher : I love Chinese Teacher :)
Candy : Cadbury and Toblerone
Restaurant : KFC
Color : White
Number : Seven
Pet : Anaconda ;D
Perfume : Be Delicous DKNY

GF/BF/Spouse Name : No Commento
Most Remember Moments : Cuci Tandas di Sekolah
First Thought Waking Up : 
ohoh, my crush :DD
Best Friend : No Commento
Hobby : Sleeping, Reading, Eating and Facebooking
Ambition : Cosmetic Inventor
Fears :  idk. haha. I have no fears.
Weakness : a girl's smile
Pet Name : No Pet. 

In a Guy or Girl
Hair Color : Blonde , Brown or Gold
Hair Structure : Straight
Eye Color : Blue or Brown
Eye Shape : Chines Eyes
Looks or Personality: Looks ofcourse ;)
Occupation : Well, the richest woman in the world, I'm tired of spending money to femme.

What place do you want to Visit : Jeju Island, Korea and Los Angeles , USA
How do you want to Die : In the sleep. 
Believe in Yourself : Yeah. 
Want to go to College/University : Ofcourse, eventho i am very lazy to study
What College/University : Harvard University
Shower Daily : Yes. Are You Crazy ?
Smoke : Dunhill 4 kotak per day, okayy ?
Drinks : Jack Daniel's. haha, joking only. I am under age lol.
Allergy : Seafood 
Fall in Love : Yes.