20 February 2011

consequence of yesterday

well, as you guys know, yesterday i ate crabs. ohoh. well, i am very allergic to that thing ! now oso got itchy itchy around my body. hee. cannot sleep well last night. I am alone. So, i tak tau nak ngadu kat sapa. where is my mum ? oh well, she leave me a short note together with RM500 tells that she have to go to United Kingdom for some reason. Never mind lahh. That's why i can eat crabaaaaaaaaab. haha. :DD haiyaa. so gatal gatal here and there. cannot tahan lorr. where is my dad ? Kuala Lumpur of course ! heee . I edy apply two bottles of the pink lotion. well, it's  reduce the itchiness. ohoh. if you see my hand, all kedut kedut dahh. i reli don't like it. who's like it ? tell me ! i can't go anywhere because of this itchiness except for last night pasar malam. ohoh. two boxes of limau mandarin habis edy. ohoh. i ate it last night. :DD i am crazy of it. now oni left 1 box. huhu. need to buy more. Chinese new year is over so idk, either i can find limau mandarin or not. !