18 February 2011

sweet dream ?

well, i wake up at 9 today. kinda early. and continue sleep at 11. haha :D 
i mimpi kan my first girlfriend, Lengleng or LL :D she is a teacher and 38 years old. haha 
ah, i still love her. i can't forget her of course, because she is my first love. :D kita orang break sebab ?

1. perbezaan umo, 20 tahun dude !
2. because of i get only 6A in PMR. 
3. she only love smart person ! i can see that !
4. well, if she happy with this, i am happy too.

okay okay, berbalik pada mimpi tadi,

I went to her school with ckin, i donno why Ckin is here. :) I went there because I want to see the cross-country event, well to see LL too. So, Ckin said to me to go to her car ! for what ? rupa-rupanya she's there.

LL : hi, Han. wt r u doing here ?
me : oh, i wanna see the cross country.
LL : cross country or me ?
me : heee :)
LL : get into car ! sit at the back..
me : back ?
LL : ya , ur second gf will sit infront !
me : yin ? she's here ?

well, Yin is LL's best friend, she is a secretary at law firm. something like that la.. haha. and she is my second gf! well, i donno that she is LL's bff. haiyaa! well, takut woo. two ex-gf infront of me now ! heee

LL : ofcourse, she is here ? y ? takut ah ?
me : lil bit la.
yin: Han, u are here too ?
LL : ya lorr, she miss us too much woo.
yin: haha. 
me : no la, i'm here to see cross country.
LL : don't lie. i know you well okay ?
me : ya, i miss you Leng !
yin: Leng ony ah? me ?
me : i love Leng more than i love you. sori
yin: okay.
me : sori la, don be like this la. 
yin: i know, Leng is more pretty than me . 

well, then the surrounding become so quite. agak tegang keadaan disitu. ah. takut aku pon. suddenly, Yin asked Leng

yin: how about ur trip to Bukit tinggi ?
LL : okayy. tonight.
yin: gonna be so cold there.
LL : that's y i come home earlier la. want to go there early !
me : y din u ask to teman u to go there ?
LL : for what ? better ask yin to  teman me ah !
me : nothing .

sampai sini je la mimpi tu. harap maklum. well, Lengleng, i love you, i miss you ! Please come back to me. I am just can't forget you. You are my love, you are my soul and you are my drug ! To be frank, i can't live without you !

and why ckin is here , and why she ask me to get into the car ? and why ? Yin is also there ? i din understand !