14 February 2011

valentine day

Well, as everyone know, today is valentine day. 
And I am here at home sitting in front of the lappy, writting blog.
All mt friends have gone out with their gf since last night.
 So, I think it is so gross. euww :P

I know Valentine is not suppose to be celebrate by Muslim.
well, you see it, I am not celebrating it.
How good I am. Haha :)

I was wondering, what was my butches friends do with their gf last night,
haha, well, it's not good to imagine what they are doing..
Cause, it will led to a gross thinking. 

See, I told ya, not to imagine. :DD

I am so boring last night, 
so I have called all my friends,
since I used the RM30 hot ticket.
but none of friend pick up my call.

Euuww, If I had choice, i will curse them into a frog.
cause i didn't pick up my call.