26 February 2011

a month holiday ?

wt happen to my holiday ! argh, mum said, dun go ! wt is wrong, i have plan this for a long time agooooooooo ! she sy no no no . suck ! argh ! she said wait for my result first. oh damn ! if gud result, then oni can go, if not, cannot go, she wan immediately send me to London. continue study. bekkk. i hate it ! i dun want to leave malaysia. I love Malaysia, and when i ask mum, i want to became cosmetologist , she said no ! u must become a doctor ! hoho. how can ? i am not that smart. i'm afraid i can't go along wf that tough subject . huhu. i am dead. and one more thing, i don want to leave Amanda. hahaaaa :D i never said about her before because, she said, no laa, i dun want our family know our relationship. aiyaa, please. don don put. aiyaa this aiyaa that. sienz. now, never mind, my mom know edy, huhu, her bro and sis know too. except for her mum and dad . hahaha .. now, she noe my blog password and i give her permission to write anything in this blog. and i bet she won't write anything as she have nothing in her brain except for sleep. hahhaaa. sorri darling, this is ur bro's statement. huhu :DD i love her so much. well, she is so romantic. huhu :DD and i have such a good time with her, days and night ! :DD yeah !