16 February 2011

a month holiday

next week i'm gonna go to Langkawi Island for a month. It's my vacation. Alone. And One will disturb my vacation. I will sleep like a log, eat as much as I can, swimming, lotting lotting around the island, snorkeling, scuba diving and the most important is shopping ! haha. Lol. I'm a girl okayy, every female in this world loves shopping. I will eat chocolate, well, Toblerone is my favorita , I will eat as much as I want. Haha, God saves me ! :D

So, regarding to this, I will not able to online for a month. But i'm not sure yet. If the hotel have WiFi,  then only I can online. If don't have, no la. :D 

I will asks from daddy plenty of money, then from mommy and from my step mom ! haha :D i will have a lot of money. I will also ask daddy for his credit card. Haha :D

Of course, this year vacation have a little weird, because i'm alone and i will go there for a month. haha, last year, i went  with my girlfriend and only for 4 days. :D

So, i will give enough time to myself for going to spa, shopping and bla bla bla. :D