20 February 2011


maybe one day, in the far future,
we have to leave each forever,
each of us have our own path that we will walk until the end of our lives,
but our friendship will live on forever.
that's why no matter how many lonely nights that I live though,
I will always remember bout our friendship,

goodbye goodbye, before the comes
where we have to part away
goodbye goodbye, we will meet again
forever after at the place we promised

days past by, waiting for the day we meet again
I remember those memories we had
whenever I feel like I am lost, I think of your smiling face,
and I regain my will to step forward
that's why rather than 'goodbye' ,i want to say 'thank you'
for taking me to the place we promised

before we meet, these lonesomes feelings
I will continue to remember you and our time together
no matter how much time and distance has parted us
we will meet at the place we promised

'goodbye' is not parting word
because we have a promise that we will meet again someday