15 February 2011

silent library :)

Silent Library is a American television game show airs on MTV. 
It's really funny, I tell you. Must watch !

The set is constructed to resemble a typical public library. A team of six players sits at a study table, three on each side, with host Zero Kazama sitting nearby at the circulation desk near the entrance. Six cards are placed facedown on the table, and each player picks one and flips it over. Typically, five of the cards are green and marked "Safe"; the sixth, with a yellow skull and crossbones, means that its holder must endure a bizarre "punishment" challenge. In some cases beginning in the second season, five of the six cards will show the skull and crossbones, leaving only one player safe. While the challenge is in progress, an on-screen gauge indicates the amount of noise made by the team. If the noise level goes into the gauge's red zone at any time, the team automatically loses the challenge. Only afterward does Kazama inform the team of their success or failure in this respect, as they are unaware of the gauge's readings. The team can also lose if they fail to achieve the objective of the challenge.
The game is played in four rounds, with three challenges in each of the first three rounds and one in the fourth. Successful challenges in rounds 1, 2, and 3 earn $300, $400, and $800 for the team, respectively; the fourth-round challenge awards $1,000. All winnings are split equally among the six players, and Kazama pays them off as they exit the library at the end of the show.