26 February 2011


today is the worst day. I am in Singapore since last week, visit my granny. I miss her so much. ohoh :)and tomoro i gonna go back to Penang.  this morning i went cycling around the neighbourhood , suddenly, a flash comes into my eyes. argh, that's hurt. and i can't control my bicycle and terjatuh . huhu. woah, i think my bp is drop. then, I come back home with lil calar calar at my legs and hands. hoho :DD . 

my granny asks, what's wrong wf my leg . huhu , well, i dun answer because i dun reli like to speak in Mandarin as I am not expert in that language. If I speak in Mandarin, all my relative will laugh laugh at me. And that's so embarrassing. I din take Mandarin in SPM oso they laugh at me. they said i am not truly Chinese. Yes, i am not truly Chinese lol. I am malay. my dad is a malay. haha. they so proud if they enroll in NUS. and laugh at me , because my chance to enroll in that University is 50% as i am not Singaporean and I am not truly Chines. What do I care ? I can enroll in UiTM lol, my dad is a Malay. U guys ? can enroll ah ? ur chances to enroll in uitm is nothing ! haha :DD