15 February 2011

it's comics. dude ! 2

Well, I went home. Traffic jams, make me wanted to committed suicide oh. But I can't la. Are you Crazy ? Haha :D. So, Before I reached home, I give my dad a phone call, 

'Dad, Can I borrow some money from you ?'
'Money ? For what ?'
'I need to buy something la'
'No, I can't lend you money, you will buy comics, am I right ?'
'Okayy, never mind.'

first try, FAILED

so, I called my mom.

'Mom, when you want to pay my credit card ?'
'Oh, sweetheart, I pay edy. '
'Oh really ? But, why it's still declined ?'
'Because that credit card is no longer in service'
'What do you mean by that ?'
'You know what I mean, right ?'

Second try, also FAILED

I went home. I want to go sleep, I hope when I woke up, there's a lot of money beside me. 

When I reach home, I saw my stepmother.
haha, this is my chance.

so, I ask from her some money.

'Ma, can you give me some money ?'
'How much ?'

so, she take out RM300 from her purse, and give it to me. So easy.

'Thanks ma, I love you.!'

So I went back to Kinokuniya, KLCC as fast as lightning bolts !
I grab the comics and pay for it.

and ini lah hasil nya !